It’s The X-Stream Podcast

For close to three years I was the editor and designer for a gaming podcast called It’s The X-Stream (or just X-Stream), hosted by my friends Zach and Joey (with the addition of our friend Adam as co-host in 2019). The point of the show was, “to dig deep on your favourite video games” by breaking down level design, mechanics, story, etc. It was done with a sincere love of video games and a quality of humour that could best be described as random and outrageous. My personal favourites were the series of episodes about Sonic the Hedgehog, in which the ridiculousness of the hosts truly shined. For those who have listened, are listening, or will listen there is a direct inspiration from the classic BBC radio-show “The Goon Show” in my use of sound effects and editing. Another show of which if you have not listened, I strongly encourage you to.

For designs, I originally made a few pieces of work to be used with the episodes uploaded to YouTube. This expanded to the podcast logo and cover design. It is the evolution of those designs that I have posted in this gallery.

The original podcast logo/cover design is the set of headphones. While I did not do the original design for this, I updated it so that it was a bit cleaner and that it was reminiscent of the old 3D glasses (which was more an aesthetic choice than thematic to the podcast).

The first logo/cover design I did was the the blue and red D-pad ‘X’ logo on a white background. This was a thematic change as it matched what the podcast was about. The use of the D-pad was meant to convey video games, while the use of blue and red was associated with the colours traditionally used to represent player one and player two. It was meant to give some idea to a person viewing the artwork what they may be in-store for with the podcast.

However, as is with many things that I do, I was not entirely satisfied with what I had produced and looked for ways of updating the design. This included attempting a new design that incorporated the D-pad, but that looked more like a controller. This ended up just looking busy and I never actually sent this off to be viewed, so I shelved the idea. I’ve included the beginnings of that work in this gallery as well.

With the controller design not quite working out, I went back to the ‘X’ D-pad. At the time I had been playing with some techniques and textures in Photoshop and Illustrator that produced a more “retro” look, so I applied those to the updated artwork. The idea being to emulate the style of a video game magazine, like Nintendo Power and the ilk. I added a yellow background (blue, red, and yellow for players one, two, and three), some minor textures, and some depth effects. This ended up being the last artwork used for the podcast before it went on hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can find the gallery of the designs below including some special editions with backgrounds to represent the four people involved (blue - player one; red - player two; yellow - player three; green - player four).

If you want to give the podcast a listen, here is a link to the podcast on itunes.
It’s The X-Stream